Saturday, March 12, 2016

Holiday, beautiful "overturned boat" mountain TANGKUBAN PARAHU

Tangkuban Perahu 

is one of Huge Mountain located in West of Java, Indonesia. About 20 km north towards Bandung city, with stretch of tea gardens around it, mountain Tangkuban Perahu has height of high as 2,084 meters. Forms of this mountain Stratovulcano with center of eruption the move from east to the west. Type rock showed through the eruption of most is the lava and sulfur, mineral issued is the sulfur, mineral issued when the mountain is off is sulfur steam. 

Regional Tangkuban Perahu managed by the Public Corporation Forestry. Tangkuban Perahu have the region forest Dipterokarp Hill, forest Dipterokarp Up, forest Montane, and Forest Ericaceous or forest mountain.
Folk legend Sangkuriang genesis of Tangkuban Parahu associated with legend Sangkuriang, roomates is reported in love to his mother, Dayang Sumbi. To thwart the intention of his son married her, Dayang Sumbi Asking terms so that Sangkuriang make a boat overnight. When his efforts failed, Sangkuriang angry and kicking those boat, so that landed in an upside down. The boat is what then formed Tangkuban Perahu. 

Tangkuban Perahu include an active volcano that its status of supervised continue to oleh Director of Volcanology Indonesia. Some of the crater is still showed signs of the liveliness of this mountain. Among the sign of the volcano is the emergence of sulfur gas and sources of hot water in the foothills of his include in field of Ciater, Subang. The existence of this mountain as well as the form of the topography of Bandung in the form of the basin with the hill and mountain in each side strengthen the theory of the existence of a lake (crater) of roomates is now is the Bandung. 

It is believed by the geologists that the plateau Bandung with a height of approximately 709 m above sea level is the rest of the eruption volcanic ancient known as Mount Sunda and Tangkuban Parahu is the rest of Mount Sunda ancient still active.

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